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When customer calls are critical for your business, you need a partner who understands how important that first line of response is to your service standards, and your brand.

Body in Motion, a Bay of Plenty-based allied health service provider, operates 12 clinics and multiple satellite services in the community, employing over 100 people. Established in 2002, the business is a well-recognised local brand, delivering contracts for ACC and the local DHB.

Body in Motion Business Support Manager Camille Sanders says the organisation chose to partner with Now Business because they needed efficient business broadband and smarter phone solutions for their clinic and community team.

 “Calls are critical to our business,” says Camille. “Most of our Bay of Plenty and all of our Waikato bookings are made through phone calls – they are our first point of contact with our customers, so we need a really good service with those calls.”

Flexible system

Body in Motion also needed a solution that reflected the flexibility of their customer support model and allowed front line staff to work from multiple clinics.

“Most of our admin team works from at least two clinics, so it’s very important that they can easily work from any location, whether that’s in the clinic, from the community or at home,” says Camille. “Sometimes, we also need some extra help, so it’s great to be able to have a system that a casual team member can also easily log in to.”

Bringing team members up to speed quickly also requires a system that is easy to learn and use.

“Our admin team is invaluable to our business,” says Camille. “There’s a lot to know to be able to answer calls correctly and provide the right service to our customers. The Now Reach cloud-based phone solution is easy to use, and the training needed to use the application is minimal.”

"Now Reach is flexible and reliable which is key for our operations"

- Camille Sanders, Business Manager, Body in Motion

In-depth reporting

One of the key requirements for Body in Motion’s system was that the phone solution also provided regular reporting, which tracks the number of answered calls per clinic and per team member, the call duration and average time to answer.

“The Now Reach reporting capability not only lets us make sure our customer service is up to standard. Our weekly reporting for each region also allows us to see how many calls are answered to monitor demand, and to help manage our team’s performance,” says Camille. “So it can help us to understand why calls are missed, and where more training and support is required.”

Supporting growth

The growing business recently acquired a number of clinics in Waikato, rolling out the phone system to a new team with support from Now Business.

“It was really easy because we were already familiar with Now’s system and what we wanted – we were all on the same page,” says Camille. “It went really, really seamlessly.”

To help with the transition, Now Business provided an onsite technician to offer dedicated support during the move.

“It was great to have a technician from Now Business onsite on the first day so that he could provide some training for each admin. They knew the main points to focus on, because the solution is actually quite intuitive to use.”

Efficient and cost effective

Working closely with the Now team has also enabled Body in Motion to ensure the solution is the most efficient and cost effective for their use.

"Initially we created a licence for everyone – including each therapist,” says Camille. “Then we noticed the therapists, in the clinics and even in the community, weren’t using their lines. So we’ve set up some cordless phones in the clinics for the physios to use. We really appreciated that we could reduce the number of licenses. That flexibility is important, and the cost savings were significant.”

With a dedicated Now Business Relationship Manager as well as the Premium Service team, Camille feels Body in Motion has the right support – and an in-depth understanding of the organisation’s needs, to continue to grow while maintaining the service standards that are so important to the company’s values and brand.

“Now Business’ expertise and technology allowed us to improve our staff and customers' experience,” says Camille. “Now Reach is flexible and reliable which is key for our operations. We need our telecommunications systems to be working perfectly, every single day of the year, and this is what we get from Now.”

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