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Smiling woman in a brown leather jacket arranging artwork on a wall, representing the ease of customer connections with Now's toll-free solutions

Toll free numbers

Eliminate the call cost barrier and ease customer connections with Now toll free solutions.

Improve your business profile with toll free. An 0800 or 0508 number makes it easy for your New Zealand customers to reach you, coast to coast, without a second thought about the cost. Built to suit a wide range of businesses, Now allows you to create a solution that works for you, whether you’re a one-man band or a full orchestra. And if you're interested in switching to Now but already have a toll free business number you’d like to keep, we can bring it along for the ride

Why Now Toll Free?

  • Show your customers some love

    Improve accessibility and show how much you value your customers by taking care of the call bill so they don’t have to.
  • A unique business number

    Add to your brand’s public image with a toll-free number that’s easy to remember and even easier to trust.
  • Control over calls

    Fine-tune what calls can use your toll-free number, blocking mobile calls while keeping the lines open for landlines.

Full features for a fraction more

  • Automated attendants

    Set up an attendant to greet your callers and provide them with a menu of options to direct their call to the appropriate department or individual.
  • Geographical controls

    Direct calls to the right location based on the dialling code of the number your customers are ringing you from, saving time and money.
  • Percentage call distribution

    Split your calls between multiple numbers based on percentage distribution rules. A great solution for managing inbound traffic across multiple call-handling centres.
  • Time of day diversion rules

    Can’t risk missing a call? Divert your calls to different terminating number based on the time of day and availability of call handlers. Send OOH calls to your mobile for round-the-clock client care.
  • Distinctive tone

    Set up a configurable beep to let you know a call has come via the toll-free number. Ideal if you have specific 0800 numbers sales, technical queries etc.

Toll Free pricing

All pricing excludes GST

Charge typesPricing*
Toll free plan chargesOne off setup fee - $50 Minimum monthly fee - $19.95
Per minute chargesLocal $0.04 National $0.08 Mobile $0.21
* Optional add-ons (e.g. geographic routing) charges apply.

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