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Person using a desk phone, highlighting the options for business phone lines via copper or fibre connections

Business phone lines

Stay in touch with copper or fibre phone lines.

Combining all the usual must-have features with the reliability of copper and fibre, Now phone lines offer fuss-free communications. With features including voicemail, caller ID and call diversion, the only calls you’ll be missing are the ones you’re avoiding.

Why Now phone lines?

  • Cost effective calling

    Add a phone line to your broadband from only $10 a month (calling rates apply) for an affordable way to stay in touch.
    Business calling rates
  • Bundle with broadband.

    One provider, one invoice and one number to call if you ever need support. Now we're talking.
    Business Broadband plans
  • Need more phone lines?

    If you need three or more phone lines, speak to the Now team about Now Reach, the smarter phone system for your business.
    Now Reach

Full features for a fraction more

If you only need one or two business phone lines, but still need all the bells and whistles, this feature bundle is for you!

All for just $5 per line, per month.

Person holding a cordless phone with a headset and keyboard nearby, representing the affordable business phone line feature bundle

Features available:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call diversion

You're in good company

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“Now have been an integral partner for us around communication because we're a little bit old school in terms of the way the business works. People still want to pick up the phone and talk to somebody to book their animal in for an appointment or just get some advice.”

Brendan James, General Manager

Vet Services

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